The Weekend Cook : Good Food for Real Life by Angela Hartnett

The Weekend Cook : Good Food for Real Life by Angela Hartnett

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An invitation to supper at Angela Hartnett's house is a real treat. Nestled in the heart of London's vibrant East End, you know you're going to get delicious food, great company and a relaxed atmosphere that is as far removed from the high-octane stress of a professional kitchen as it is from the awkward social anxiety that many of us face when hosting a dinner.

Angela knows the secrets to throwing the most relaxed and enjoyable dinners for friends and family - sometimes mad, but always magical evenings that people talk about for months afterwards - and in this book she's going to share them. Recipes include:

Potato and Wild Garlic Soup
Braised Oxtail
Whole Trout with Almond and Herb
Sunday Night Cupboard Spaghetti
Queen of Puddings

Great flavours and simple recipes abound in these pages, each one a joy to cook and eat, from satisfying one-pot dishes and comforting risottos to perfect party food and bakes to feed a hungry crowd.

Collected in these pages are over 80 recipes from one of Britain's most-loved chefs, as well as time saving tips and cheats that will take the stress out of hosting and allow you to enjoy your dinner parties without breaking a sweat. The only essential ingredients are friends and family... and lots of them.