Sisters of Moonlight : Book 2 by Katherine Livesey

Sisters of Moonlight : Book 2 by Katherine Livesey

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Anne of Green Gables meets Diana Wynne Jones in this whimsical fantasy adventure perfect for teen readers.

Each step was like an old familiar song…

Still recovering from the inferno that consumed Kelseth lighthouse, apothecary Lily Knight, powerful witch Alice Blackwell, and their newfound family find refuge in a mysterious mist-wreathed castle to regroup and draw up a plan of action.

Because the shadows are closing in and Hecate Winter, High Priestess of the notorious coven that almost cost Alice her life, is only getting stronger…

But there are murmurings of an even more sinister threat brewing on the horizon – and it has something to do with the castle. When Alice’s nightmares begin to bleed into her daily reality, everything changes.

Can Lily pull her back from the edge or will she finally succumb to the darkness?