The Beasts of Knobbly Bottom: Rise of the Zombie Pigs by Emily-Jane Clark

The Beasts of Knobbly Bottom: Rise of the Zombie Pigs by Emily-Jane Clark

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Someone or something in the village of Knobbly Bottom is eating up EVERYTHING!

When a chocolate cake goes missing, nine-year-old Maggie McKay gets the blame. But when entire vegetable plots are devoured overnight, huge bite marks are found in garden furniture and even her friend Fred's grandad's disgusting courgettes are gobbled up, she kicks off an investigation!

However, when the ravenous local pigs start turning green and doubling in size, Maggie and Fred wonder whether they might have bitten off more than they can chew... How can they fend off the rise of the ZOMBIE PIGS?


  • Genuinely laugh-out-loud jokes and puns on every page to delight kids and grown-ups alike, with an instantly relatable cast of family and friends.

  • Hilarious black-and-white artwork and dynamic design throughout, ideal even for readers who lack confidence.

  • A fiercely determined girl hero and a cast of brilliant monster-battling characters!


Priase for the first Knobbly Bottom book, Attack of the Vampire Sheep:

"So funny... I LOVE IT!" Alex Milway, bestselling author of Hotel Flamingo

'Garlic baguettes and girl power - what's not to love! Absolutely bonkers and so much fun!' Ellie Taylor, comedian, actor, author, presenter

"Packed with puns and plenty of garlic; even the most reluctant readers will laugh at this one." Irish Independent

'Monstrously brilliant fun. We love Knobbly Bottom!' Matt Coyne, comedian and bestselling author of Man vs Baby