UFOs, Aliens and the Battle for the Truth - an Evening with Author Neil Nixon

We are very fortunate to be hosting an evening with author Neil Nixon where he will present and discuss the topics featured in his book: UFOs, Aliens and the Battle for the Truth and take questions for a discussion on all things extra-terrestrial (with tales of local sightings and myths!).

Neil is an author, professional creative, and live speaker with a CV covering everything from The Guardian to writing for the glove puppet Sooty. He is the author of 29 books, contributor to almost 20 more and and has written scripts for radio and television including the Sony Award nominated radio play Mr Lennon. Neil can't recall a time before he was fascinated by the paranormal and has written extensively on the subject including three books on his fascination with UFOs. 

About the book:

"This no-nonsense guide to one of our most enduring mysteries presents a short history of the strangest encounters, looks carefully at explanations from the blunt to the truly bizarre, offers insights into the strongest evidence that we are being visited by beings from another world and sources the best sceptical arguments that it can all be explained rationally."

The event will take place on the 9th of February, at 6:30pm, here at Store 104. Tickets will cost £12 and will include a copy of the book (which retails £9.99).

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