Sex Bomb: The Lives and Loves of an Asian Babe - an evening with Sadia Azmat

Sadia Azmat is a comedian who loves sex. She is also a hijab-wearing Muslim woman. The two are in a lifelong relationship, but it’s complicated.

Sadia has many different sides to her, she is the good Muslim sister and the loud and proud comedian, she is the quiet and loving friend and the horny and outspoken one. So why does everyone put her in a box and expect her to choose between one or the other?

In a life of ups and downs, swings and roundabouts, Sadia has learnt the hard way that she can embrace her sexuality and be a proud British-Indian Muslim. From discovering her sexual identity after seeing a copy of Asian Babes in the corner shop to rejecting an arranged marriage and feeling distanced from her culture; from her experience dating white and Asian men to her tumultuous relationship with her headscarf, Sadia is unafraid to spill the honest truth.

Finding the funny in every experience she has, Sex Bomb explodes with personality, warmth and joy. For anyone who has ever felt different or alone; allow this book to fill you up and propel you forward, because we all deserve to feel like a Sex Bomb.

Funny, sex positive and conversation-shifting, this memoir is for fans of Everything I Know About Love, Wrong Knickers and The Right Sort of Girl.

‘Hilarious, raw and poignant. I couldn’t put it down’ - Jena Friedman

‘This memoir is a testament to embracing who you are – sexual fantasies and all – regardless of the (often patriarchal) societal expectations placed upon us’ - Glamour

Sadia Azmat is a British Asian stand-up comedian and writer from East London. Through a chance encounter with a comedian in a call centre, she was introduced to the circuit, and now she is a regular stand-up. In 2018 Sadia launched her critically acclaimed BBC podcast ‘No Country For Young Women’ which was named one of the ‘Best audio of 2018’ by the Observer and was an Apple Top pick for 2018. Sex Bomb is her first book.

Join us here at Store 104 for an evening with Sadia, including readings and a Q&A. Light refreshments will be included. 

The event will take place on the 30th May, 6:30pm - 8:30pm. 

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